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Discover a range of specialized services at MDS Care to elevate your well-being. Our offerings include custom-made orthotics, compression stockings, orthopedic shoes, braces, and exceptional general foot care delivered by our expert chiropodist. Trust us to provide tailored solutions for your unique needs and experience the highest standard of care.

Custom-Made Orthotics

Experience the comfort and support of custom-made orthotics for the whole family at MDS Care. Our expertly crafted orthotics are tailored to your unique needs, providing personalized relief and enhancing your overall well-being.

From children to adults, our orthotics offer a perfect fit and optimal comfort, ensuring that every member of your family can enjoy the benefits of exceptional foot care. Trust us to deliver customized solutions that keep you and your entire family walking with confidence.

Compression Stockings

Relieve leg pain and improve circulation with our range of compression stockings at MDS Care. Designed to provide targeted compression and support, our stockings are your solution for discomfort and fatigue in the legs.

Whether you're dealing with achy legs, swelling, or varicose veins, our compression stockings offer a comfortable and effective way to alleviate pain and promote better blood flow. Experience the soothing relief and enhanced leg comfort that our compression stockings provide. Put a spring back in your step with MDS Care.

Custom Breast Prostheses

At MDS Care, we recognize the profound impact of individualized solutions after mastectomy. Our custom breast prostheses, in collaboration with American Breast Care, offer a unique path to empowerment. These prostheses are meticulously tailored to your body, ensuring a flawless fit that harmonizes with your natural contours.

Crafted from top-quality medical silicone, our prostheses not only mirror the appearance but also the tactile experience of natural breast tissue, prioritizing both comfort and confidence. With an unwavering focus on detail, we match color, texture, and weight distribution to guarantee a balanced, seamless integration. Whether you seek symmetry, a comfortable wear under clothing, or a renewed sense of self-assuredness, our custom breast prostheses, presented by MDS Care and American Breast Care, stand ready to accompany you on your journey.

Other Services

Here at MDS Care, we also provide for:

  • Orthopaedic Shoes

  • Lower and Upper Extremity Braces

  • General Foot Care

If you have any questions about these services and would like to inquire more about them, please contact us, we would be glad to help you out!

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